Pictured left to right: Ruth Syer(PCR), Lorna Garton (PCR), Marie Currie (PCR), Larry Leckie (PCR), Johnna Johansen (Sarnia Rotary),
Rick Marsh (President- Sarnia Rotary), taking the photo is Hani Dajani (Sarnia Rotary, community grant coordinator) and John Wallington (PCR)
 The Petrolia Community Refrigerator (PCR) has received a Sarnia Rotary Grant with the theme "Service Above Self". PCR volunteers are thrilled and honored to be the recipient of this grant, especially from a service club with a solid community commitment for many years. Proceeds will go to ongoing PCR operations, providing free food to anyone in the community facing food insecurity. 
         The theme "Service Above Self" is especially relevant to the 33+ volunteers at the PCR that stock the facility, inspect and clean once a week, perform "food rescue" operations, or shop for food items every week. Our volunteers are committed to ensuring the community of Petrolia has a facility readily available to anyone that needs access to free food.
      Petrolia Community Refrigerator is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to allow people in need to access the facility with dignity and respect. The PCR motto is "Take What You Need" and "Leave What You Can". People can take items that are available, and at the same time, people in the community are encouraged to drop off food items in our hamper.
      Thank you Sarnia Rotary for supporting the Petrolia Community Refrigerator